Design Process

Initial Meeting
At this initial meeting, we will ask you what kind of design you would like your website to have. We will ask you all of the specifics: layout, navigation, color scheme, as well as what kinds of design elements you want your site to have: photo galleries, blogs, databases, etc. We want to ensure that your vision and your needs are met with our design.

With this design feedback in hand, a mock-up (or a selection of mock-ups) of the design will be created and uploaded to a testing website for your eyes only.

Client Feedback/Redesign
At this point, you will be able to see the design prototype(s) as it will appear "live." If certain design elements are not to your liking they will be revised and reuploaded for your further feedback.

Client Final Approval
Once you are satisfied that everything is to your liking, you will authorize your final approval of the design.

Website Goes Live
Once client final approval has been given, the whole website will be created and uploaded to your hosting site. At this point, your website will be live.

Ongoing Support
Even after your website is live or your design is complete, we strive to offer continuing support for our clients. If you ever decide that you would like additional design elements on your site, we would be happy to work with you to get these created. And of course, if any issues arise in the future with any of the design elements or applications we have created, we will be here to restore functionality for you.